Online Health and Safety Induction

Our online health and safety induction is designed to help new and current employees understand important information about health and safety in the workplace.

Improve Health and Safety in the Workplace

This online induction is an effective way of making sure your employees understand health and safety requirements for work – it is a great way to maintain a strong safety culture amongst your employees. Our induction is an engaging, interactive e-learning course which provides everything employees need to know about workplace health and safety,

The benefits of health and safety induction e-learning:

  • Reduce employee compensations costs
  • Cheaper and more efficient than in-person training
  • Improves workplace health and safety knowledge
  • Helps employees identify high-risk areas or potential hazards in the workplace
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Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Assessment
Fire Safety Quiz
Fire Safety - True or False
Fire Safety - Fighting Different Types of Fire
Fire Safety Test
Welcome to Fire Safety

Features of the health and safety induction course:

  • Customizable content: allowing you to communicate your own message
  • Automated roll-out via email
  • Roll-out quickly to new starters
  • Available in all languages
  • Meets all accessibility standards
  • Manage office safety risk assessments easily
  • Track and monitor employee completion to ensure complete compliance

This course is 100% flexible and is available online – meaning it can be accessed at any time, anywhere. Employees can complete the induction in their own time.

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Why should you choose Cardinus?

Our fire safety e-learning course has been written by BAFE SP205 Gold certified experts to ensure your employees receive the best, high-quality fire safety knowledge. Over the last two decades, we have worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world who have used our services repeatedly, due to our exceptional customer service and level of expertise.

Our content is carefully examined to ensure it engages with employees and provides them with an in-depth understanding of everything they need to know about fire safety training in the workplace. It is important that employees remember what they learn so the information learnt can be applied to the workplace – so we make every e-learning course fun and memorable.

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