Materials Handling Training

This e-learning program helps you to manage and carry out materials handling assessments and training

Reduce Materials Handling Injury in the Workplace

Provide your employees with an effective, engaging materials handling training course, it’s coupled with a risk self-assessment tool that helps you identify employees at risk of injury.

Why choose our materials handling course?

  • Reduces the cost of materials handling programs
  • Minimizes workers’ compensation costs
  • Increases participation rates and boosts employee engagement
  • Identifies high risk areas across your organization
Cardinus - Materials Handling Course
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Materials handling training

Our materials handling program is feature heavy!

  • Help employees to self-assess
  • Courses to cover all materials handling risk
  • Expert-reviewed content
  • Fully customizable
  • Content that changes depending upon the needs of your employees
  • Content for new and expectant mothers
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Meets all accessibility standards
  • Supports Learning Management System (LMS) integration

Simple risk assessment management:

Rapidly search training and risk assessment records

Easily prioritize high risk employees with risk scoring

Assign tasks and ensure actions are being followed up

Automated email communications

Comprehensive reporting module

Charting and sophisticated statistical reporting

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