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Free training software and apps to help teach children to use their technology safely.

New Technology Brings New Challenges

New technology can do lots of amazing things, yet our understanding of the impacts of long-term use on the body is poor. This toolbox of ergonomics training helps kids to reduce the risks of long-term injury.

  • Help your children adopt safe postures
  • Understand the risks of poor posture
  • Includes e-learning, smartphone apps, eBooks and tip sheets
  • Free online resource available to all

More than just e-learning

These activities pose serious threats to their long-term health particularly as children’s bodies are still developing. Healthy Working MOVE is a free online resource to help parents and teachers inform children about the unhealthy use of technology and the effects of poor posture. Developed by Cardinus in consultation with some of the worlds most respected ergonomics experts, Healthy Working MOVE consists of free e-learning and smartphone apps for children of all ages and an accompanying eBook and tip sheets for parents and teachers with advice on how to protect children in the classroom and at home.

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