Ergonomics for Kids

Healthy Working MOVE – ergonomics risk training software for children – provides instructional support to parents, caregivers, and educators concerned about the long-term physical impact of new technology on Generation Z, Alpha, and beyond.









Technology Ergonomics Risk Training for Children

Comprehensive and entirely free ergonomics resources for educating children about the physical risks associated with long-term use of modern technologies.

App-Based Training

Risk management apps to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention.


Digital training resources to reach as many young learners as possible.

Zero Cost

Free ergonomics risk education to protect children from long-term injury via the misuse of technology.

Healthy Working MOVE

Developed in partnership with the Health & Safety Laboratory, Healthy Working MOVE, is our risk training software designed specifically for children.

Through interactive lessons, Healthy Working MOVE teaches children the importance of good posture and shows them how to reduce strain and discomfort while using essential modern technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles and computers.

Featuring colorful graphics, fun characters, and gamified elements that captivate young minds, Healthy Working MOVE makes learning about healthy technology use an enjoyable experience.

Global Ergonomics

Available in a multitude of languages and optimised for individual territories, our global ergonomics solutions can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your employees, wherever they may be.

From regulatory reporting and gap analysis to culture-specific assessments and eLearning, our global ergonomics services can support organizations in attaining complete compliance and maintaining a healthy workforce.


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