Online Office Ergonomics Assessor Training

Our online office ergonomics assessor course is designed to help organizations who need to train employees on ergonomics procedures. The training course not only teaches employees how to identify incorrect ergonomic practices, but also how to share this knowledge with the rest of their organization.

Interactive E-Learning to Train Assessors about Ergonomics

Correct ergonomics in a workplace is important for several reasons; making sure employees are comfortable at work helps increase morale as well as the quality of work. This course will teach candidates how to identify incorrect ergonomics in the workplace and what changes should be made to improve health and productivity levels.

This course teaches learners to:

  • Understand the impact of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Evaluate hazards and risks related to workstation use
  • Examine a process for performing ergonomic assessments
  • Carry out an ergonomics assessment
  • Create a personal action plan for carrying out ergonomic assessments
Online Office Ergonomics Assessor Training
Office Ergonomics Risk Assessments
Office Ergonomics Assessor Test
Introduction to Ergonomics
Introduction to Ergonomics
Introduction to Ergonomics
The Regulations
The Regulations
The Office Ergonomics Assessment
The Office Ergonomics Assessment
The Office Ergonomics Assessment

Why should I choose this ergonomic assessor e-learning course?

  • Customizable content: allowing you to communicate your own message
  • Automated roll-out via email
  • Roll-out quickly to new starters
  • Available in all languages
  • Meets all accessibility standards
  • Manage risk assessments easily
  • Track and monitor employee completion to ensure complete compliance

Our course is truly interactive and encourages delegates to think creatively and independently, to resolve employee ergonomic difficulties. Our course if ideal for small or large organizations and it is perfect for establishments who have remote offices.

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Why should you choose Cardinus?

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