Temporary Home Working | E-Learning Course

Working from home differs to working in an office. This e-learning course helps temporary home workers to understand the health risks of home work and take proactive steps to address them.

Support Your Temporary Home Workers

We’ve put together our temporary home working course to help thousands of organisations across the US address the health and safety risks of working from home. This is a practical course that helps employees to manage their own risk, including information on creating comfortable workspaces, making fire escape plans, establishing a wellbeing routine, and even information on safe driving.

The benefits of temporary home worker e-learning:

  • Practical advice for temporary home workers
  • Reinforcement with testing, without a risk assessment
  • Allows mass roll-out to support staff
  • Quickly address health and safety concerns
Temporary Home Worker E-Learning

Built Specifically for Temporary Home Workers

  • Advice on your working area, working from couches, dining tables and more
  • Provides guidance on wellbeing and driving safely
  • Automated email delivery makes roll-out easy
  • Management tool helps to easily administrate the program

For full office workers, and for home office workers, we have a specific ergonomics e-learning course. Click for more information.

Developed in Response to COVID-19

Since the pandemic struck we’ve been working hard to produce an easy-to-use course that’s suitable for the reality of our temporary working conditions. Our customers have instructed millions of workers to work from home. Most new homeworkers will not have a home office, or desk and chair set up. This course addresses those conditions and helps you to meet any Duty of Care requirements you might have.

Try it today to see how it can help your staff

From $1 and with rapid setup, this course is a low-cost, effective way of reaching your staff with relevant H&S information during this crisis.

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