Safety Consultancy

We provide safety consultancy services geared towards improving safety management systems, accomplishing H&S goals, reducing workplace injuries, and boosting overall business productivity.









Health & Safety Consultancy

We offer safety consultancy to help our customers improve their safety management systems, meet Health and Safety objectives and reduce workforce injuries.

Onsite & Online

We offer safety consultancy services both onsite and online for your convenience. Whether you prefer classroom-based briefings or executive briefings in the boardroom, we can provide the type of consultancy that suits your needs.


Global Network

With a worldwide network of highly qualified safety consultants specializing in diverse risk management areas, including personnel security, ergonomics, and property fire safety, we possess the global reach and reliable partnerships necessary to address the wide-ranging challenges encountered by our clients.

Safety Compliance

We tailor our approach to acknowledge your organization’s requirements, considering its operations and relevant legislation.

This enables us to assist you in implementing appropriate safety management systems, ensuring full compliance with regulations.

ISO45001 Safety Management System

Optimizing your health and safety management systems for ISO 45001 accreditation is a foundational step that sets the standard for occupational health and safety. Our team of experienced consultants excels in guiding you through a seamless transition to meet this upgraded requirement.

Beyond ensuring compliance, we are dedicated to crafting meticulous documentation to minimize liabilities and establishing a robust health and safety management system. Our commitment doesn’t stop at achieving standards; we go the extra mile to facilitate ongoing enhancements in your practices.

Safety Auditing

Our safety audits take a unique and insightful approach to uncover latent threats beneath the surface of existing policies and procedures. Our comprehensive methodology includes an exhaustive assessment of your organization’s health and safety protocols, compliance with industry regulations, employee training and overall safety culture.

Through this in-depth evaluation, we identify areas in need of improvement and recommend precise actions to mitigate risks. This results in increased organizational resilience, a reduction in legal complications, and a pathway to a more sustainable future for your business.

Return to Work Advisory

We can assist you in overseeing your return-to-work program, offering consultancy services on safety, health, hygiene, security and facilities.


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