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Coronavirus has left in its wake millions of employees across the globe now working from home, and potentially working from home for the foreseeable. In the US alone around 70 million people are currently working from home, and this brings huge problems in supporting employees with growing discomfort and pain.

During the pandemic, we’ve proved adaptable at providing both short- and long-term solutions for nationwide and global US organizations. Virtual, face-to-face or telephonic ergonomics assessments allows employees to access qualified, experienced help no matter where they’re working.

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Reach Staff with Virtual Ergonomics Assessments

Our virtual ergonomics approach. Utilizing Healthy Working, each stage reduces risk at the earliest, and therefore least expensive opportunity.

COVID has made it difficult for us to adequately reach higher-risk employees with tailored injury prevention or reduction solutions. Our pragmatic end-to-end ergonomics solution brings together e-learning and self-assessment tools to reach all staff and reduce risk at the earliest opportunity.

We’ve worked with many large-scale and complex organizations in the provision of global telephonic and video-based ergonomics interventions. We’re able to reach 191 countries across APAC, Africa, the Americas and EMEA regions.

Our qualified assessors are multi-lingual and locally based, ensuring that tailored local-language support can be given to staff across the globe.

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How Healthy Working Helps Power Your Ergonomics Program

Healthy Working is the DSE and ergonomics e-learning and risk assessment solution of choice for 2,000 of the world’s largest organizations. We’ve helped them develop unique solutions using Healthy Working to meet the needs of their workforce, whether they work at home or in the office.

Healthy Working provides a tailored training platform for employees to teach them about ergonomics. Coupled with a self-assessment tool it helps employees reduce their own risk. As part of an ergonomics program, it supports managers to streamline the roll-out training and assessments and improve program engagement.

Choose Healthy Working

Powers your virtual ergonomics assessment program
Multiple language options
Ergonomics risks assessment and training tailored to the needs of each employee’s workstation
Automates communication and enables simple, effective task management
Meets global compliance requirements
The delivery team have years of experience building rapid, powerful ergonomics programs

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We’ve built bespoke platforms, increased our virtual ergonomics capacity to 191 countries, and have turned around tailored e-learning content in record time.

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