Our eLearning courses assist organizations in fostering a positive safety culture by ensuring that employees are well-informed about crucial health and safety procedures.









Health & Safety eLearning Courses

Our ergonomics eLearning courses offer a comprehensive approach to protecting the musculoskeletal health and wellbeing of employees.

Customisable Courses

Utilized by over 2,000 organizations globally, our CPD accredited ergonomics eLearning courses are fully customizable and accessible in multiple languages.

Hybrid Working Compatibility

Whether you’ve adopted the hybrid model, operate solely onsite, or are in a transitional phase, our eLearning courses guarantee that your teams adhere to ergonomics best practices.

Multi-Course Functionality

Using Cardinus’ multi-course functionality, you can centrally administer and oversee all eLearning courses related to health, safety, ergonomics and risk compliance.

PACE with Healthy Working

PACE serves as Healthy Working’s central hub for overseeing all aspects of our eLearning courses and your health and safety initiatives. PACE arrives with a secure database equipped with workflow and task management features to ensure the efficient administration of all ergonomics activities.

The reporting function within PACE offers a comprehensive range of formats, spanning high-level executive summaries to in-depth management reports. All information is centralized, providing access to a complete reporting history and an actions tracker for fulfilling your health and safety duty of care.

Temporary Home Worker

Offering valuable advice on several key topics, such as setting up an ergonomically sound workspace and establishing a well-rounded routine to maintain mental health, our online Temporary Home Worker course empowers employees to take control of their safety and well-being.

Our course features automated email roll-out, making it easy for organizations to distribute the training to their workforce. This seamless delivery ensures that employees receive the necessary information promptly, solving problems before they arise.

Office Ergonomics Assessor Training

Our Office Ergonomics Assessor eLearning program goes beyond theory, offering a step-by-step process for performing ergonomic assessments. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a virtual office setting, learning how to analyze workstations, seating arrangements, and equipment to ensure optimal ergonomic conditions.

At the culmination of the course, participants create personalized action plans that empower them to champion ergonomic best practices within their organizations, fostering a robust, business-wide health and safety culture.


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