Materials Handling Training Course

Our Materials Handling for the Office e-learning course is specifically an office-based version of our materials handling online training course, and will help you train, educate and risk-assess staff in the office environment.

Reduce Materials Handling Incidents in Your Office

Accidents can happen in the office environment when individuals are required to conduct lifting and materials handling tasks as part of their work responsibilities. Our Materials Handling for the Office online course provides your employees with the knowledge and self-assessment support to help them identify and adapt their actions to reduce material handling hazards.

Why choose our materials handling for the office course?

  • Help improve safety and lower workplace incidents
  • Reduce risk of long-term injuries
  • Quickly educate large volumes of staff
  • Minimize law suits
  • Boost employee productivity and efficiency
Cardinus - Materials Handling Course
Materials handling training

Our materials handling program is feature heavy!

  • Customizable course that can be adapted to your requirements
  • Multi-lingual functionality, suitable for a global workforce
  • Automated email roll-outs
  • Engaging interactive sequences to aid learning
  • Easy reporting and management program
  • Supported by a powerful management system

Simple risk assessment management:

Rapidly search training and risk assessment records

Easily prioritize high risk employees with risk scoring

Assign tasks and ensure actions are being followed up

Automated email communications

Comprehensive reporting module

Charting and sophisticated statistical reporting

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