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    Our Guide to Choosing and Implementing Ergonomics Software for Home and the Office

    Ergonomics Software: All You Need to Know About Choosing and Implementing the Right Solution for You

    The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate the various decisions you need to address when selecting an online tool to help manage your office and homeworker ergonomics risk.

    With extensive knowledge of the various components needed to create and launch an effective ergonomics program, we understand the pitfalls, the opportunities, and the support needed to truly succeed.

    This guide will take you through those considerations. It will help you plan your approach, engage the right employees, and help you understand some of the technical jargon you are likely to come across.

    Key sections include:

    • Why Invest in an Online Solution?
    • A Proactive or Reactive Program?
    • Processes, with Real-Life Examples
    • Languages and Accessibility
    • Customization and Configuration, with Real-Life Examples
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Data Imports
    • InfoSec Reviews
    • A Glossary of Technical IT Jargon

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