Understand the Gaps in Your Program, Identify The Risks That Matter

Health safety and security auditing is a key risk mitigation tool. It helps you identify compliance blind spots, builds an understanding of gaps in your current approach, and, will identify where your focus should lie to improve health, safety and security outcomes.

With technology-led solutions we can help you assess, analyse, report and optimize your compliance and health and safety programs across the world.

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Health, safety and security auditing.

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We seek to understand how your organization operates, identify key strategies and operational goals and build an auditing approach that will work to optimize performance and compliance, improve employee engagement and health, wellbeing and security outcomes.

Our approach helps prevent problems before they occur, and allows an organization to meet governance, compliance and legal obligations to their employees.

With expertise in developing audit programs for companies who work across international borders, we can help you understand the complexities and opportunities of working across cultures. We can support with providing advice on external bodies such as workers’ councils and identify gaps in multi-national approaches.

Our Risk Management Approach

Most of our clients have health, safety and security management systems in place. Many organizations concentrate on easily identifiable safety risks but often overlook those risks that affect the safety and wellbeing of staff. In these circumstances, help is needed to develop a program to meet a growing organization and its needs.

Our auditing program ranges from a full organizational audit to a review of your safety risk assessments and policies. We look at how you can develop your documentation, communication and programs in a way that is simple, effective and will help you identify costs to the business that can be eliminated. We can tailor our programs to provide benchmarking across a diverse global property portfolio.

Health, safety and security auditing.

▫️Understand gaps in your strategy
▫️ A customer-focused approach
▫️ Across a wide range of disciplines
▫️ Global auditing capabilities
▫️ Accredited, audited and certified professionals

Taking a deep dive into your wider risk profile will help you to identify the risks that really matter, and will ensure that you can create a culture of safety that drives continuous improvement across your entire organization.

Andy Neal
Global Security Solutions

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