Exercises and Ergonomics advice direct to your smartphone

You can now enjoy simple, fun stretching exercises and essential ergonomic advice straight from your smartphone.

HealthyWorking from Cardinus is a smartphone app from Cardinus Risk Management and contains 19 instructional videos demonstrating a range of stretches designed to keep backs, shoulders, necks, arms and wrists free from strain and injury. It also gives valuable advice about seating and posture, including how to adjust your chair and correct working heights for desks and computer monitors.

Musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain and aches in the neck and shoulders affect thousands of people. Often these problems can be avoided by correctly setting-up chairs, desks and computers, and following simple advice. Stretching exercises go even further to promote well-being.

Every month you can download a new stretching or ergonomic tip direct to your phone, ensuring the help and advice you receive is always up to date.

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HealthyWorking from Cardinus

The HealthyWorking smartphone app from Cardinus is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store now. Search for HealthyWorking or Cardinus or simply click the links provided.

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