However good you think your vehicle is there is one vital area that so often gets overlooked, we rely on them for all that we do. Technology has improved hugely in recent years, but this is to worthless unless we understand the importance of regular tyre safety checks.

Like many other areas as our vehicles get better, more reliable, more durable, we tend to neglect them, checking them less often and leading to un-noticed defects.

The evidence is clear; Cardinus has found that one of the most common reasons for a driver training course to be cancelled is when a tyre is found to be illegal and therefore unlikely to be able to do its job.

Just as a tyre defect that was unnoticed by the driver is a common cause for MOT failure. Driving on under-inflated tyres for long periods will increase wear rates significantly, as well as adversely, affecting braking and handling.

Why do we assume that the holder of a driving licence knows how to check tyre condition, defects, tread depth when so many clearly do not? It is obvious no-one would choose to knowingly gamble with their own safety.

More importantly why should we assume that those who drive a newer company vehicle understand precisely how to look after tyres when often the vehicle age leads to false expectations and complacency?

If you have drivers using their own vehicles on allowance for business purposes, when money is tight, isn’t it likely that tyre replacements are delayed, thereby compromising the vehicles abilities?

Developing an effective work-related road safety programme includes developing proper routines and habits of defect checking and reporting, to minimise the use of unsafe vehicles.

Cardinus Fleet have years of experience in helping fleets to develop effective programmes. Talk to us on 01733 01733 426015, or email, and let us help you manage the risks in your fleet.

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