Competent Person for Health and Safety

All organisations must have a competent health and safety adviser. With our expertise and flexibility, why not let us take on that burden?

Your Health and Safety Competent Person

Competent Person for Health & Safety

All organisations must have a competent health and safety adviser to help them manage health and safety and comply with legislation. Health and safety covers a wide range of subjects and it’s difficult to employ a competent person to adequately cover all of these topics. Let us help by providing a highly qualified health and safety competent person for your organisation. What’s more, they’ll always be available by phone, email or on-site when required.

Safety auditing

Let our safety professionals be your safety professionals

  • Cost effective way of employing a competent safety professional
  • Our team can fill the knowledge gaps in your own team for specific areas of health and safety
  • A team you can rely on with someone always available; no leave or sickness
  • Mentoring of your own safety teams on specific areas or general safety management

The ideal Health & Safety competent person service

We employ a team of highly experienced safety professionals from many different backgrounds and industries. This means we can fill the gaps in your own team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated safety professional. We’re here to support you, on-demand and always available, either for specific areas or expertise or for general safety compliance.

Free Cardinus Health & Safety Survey

We have developed an online auditing tool enabling you to benchmark the safety and risk exposure of your organisation across a number of areas and identify areas for improvement. This valuable tool is free to use and provides you with a full risk report on completion.

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