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 Unlock employee productivity

Healthy Working Analytics is a new data driven employee productivity and well-being tool from Cardinus Risk Management. Find out what's distracting your people from delivering their best work.

Increase productivity and well-being

Healthy Working Analytics blends well-being and productivity into a single solution. It uses a series of evidence-based well-being questions to engage with your people and understand their working experience.   Actively listening to your people will help you to make the right interventions, which will improve their well-being, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism/presenteeism. 

Turn insights into action

Healthy Working Analytics provides data driven, statistical robust reports, which can help you to:
  • Identify employee well-being and productivity trends.
  • Benchmark by department, working location and environment, age group, employment type and time within your company.
  • Measure the effectiveness of interventions and  payback time.
  • Support inclusion and diversity.
  • Empower managers to act on employee feedback.
  • Predict employee churn and keep your best people.
  • Find out what's distracting your people from delivering their best work.

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