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Healthy Working Analytics is our employee wellbeing and productivity software. It uses evidenced based questions to identify the things, that may distract employees from delivering their best work.










Employee Wellbeing and Productivity Software

Healthy Working Analytics is an employee wellbeing and productivity solution that helps unearth and resolve workplace distractions.

Data Driven Reporting

Healthy Working Analytics empowers you to make informed decisions about your employee wellbeing strategy. It provides hard data and actionable results to measure the effectiveness of your wellbeing interventions.

Segment & Benchmark

Data from surveys can be segmented by department, work location, employee demographics and the employee’s time with your organisation. This will help you to gain deeper insights into workplace distractions.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Healthy Working Analytics supports inclusivity and diversity. It can help in the prediction of employee turnover and supports the retainment of your organisation’s most skilled and valuable employees.

Wellbeing & Productivity

The recent acceleration to hybrid working has created challenges for HR, wellbeing and operational leaders. Healthy Working Analytics is the answer to those problems, blending wellbeing and productivity identification and strategies into one solution.

Having the right data is essential to understanding the wellbeing of employees, and what could potentially be impacting their productivity. Cardinus worked with the University of Hertfordshire’s statistical services unit to develop an effective employee survey tool.

All the questions within our survey tool are evidenced based and are used to identify distractions that could be impacting productivity. Distraction categories include mental health, lack of training, technical issues and physical health. The data gathered from the survey is then presented in an impact assessment that directs organisations to the factors that most require intervention.

More Than a Survey

In theory, employee engagement surveys are a good starting point for gathering insights, but they often don’t ask the right questions, meaning they don’t garner the sorts of responses that help management assess productivity – or take steps to improve it.

Healthy Working Analytics blends wellbeing and productivity into one powerful solution. Using numerous evidence-based wellbeing questions, Healthy Working Analytics makes collecting the right employee insights easy, providing an effective framework for analysing and implementing change in order to boost productivity.

Actional Insights

Healthy Working Analytics allows you to explore productivity trends within your organisations – and identify what may be impacting employee issues such as presenteeism.

This article explains our rationale behind the development of Healthy Working Analytics by detailing the HR, well-being, and financial challenges presented by the post-COVID professional landscape.

The price of poor productivity is rising, but our wellbeing and productivity software can curb this trajectory by helping you to satisfy both employee well-being and business goals simultaneously.

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