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Fire Risk Assessments across the UK, provided by Qualified Assessors.

We’re BAFE Gold accredited too, so expect a high quality service that’s quick and affordable.

Who needs a Fire Risk Assessment?

The Fire Safety order says that fire risks must be managed in non-domestic premises* (including the common parts of blocks of flats) and therefore applies to fire safety, i.e. the safety of people within premises.

*Non-domestic premises are defined as “all workplaces and commercial premises, all premises the public have access to and the common areas of multi-occupied residential buildings.”

A ‘Responsible Person’ carries the legal responsibility for the fire risk assessment and must, as far as reasonably practicable, make sure that everyone on the premises can safely escape in the event of a fire. Everyone includes employees, occupiers, visitors or members of the public.

Who is a Responsible Person?

responsible person has a role in the legislation as:

  • A person who has control over a premises or part of a premises
  • An owner or managing agent for premises or shared parts of premises
  • An occupier in premises such as those used by the self-employed or voluntary organisations if they have control of all or part of the premises
  • An employer at those parts of a building used by staff and visitors

If the ‘Responsible Person’ does not have sufficient training or knowledge they must appoint a ‘Competent Person’ to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

Who is a Competent Person?

A competent person is defined as someone who has sufficient training, experience, knowledge or other qualities to enable them to carry out a measure correctly.

That’s where we come in. We will be your competent person to provide your fire risk assessment.

Our Gold standard BAFE SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments ensure you meet the requirements for your property under UK fire legislation and will help to identify and implement risk improvements.

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Cardinus invested a lot of time and money in becoming only one of a handful companies who
hold BAFE “Gold” accreditation for providing Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments, which gives us and our
leaseholders added protection knowing we are instructing one of the industry’s leading risk
management companies.

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Why Choose Cardinus?

Cardinus Risk Management has provided property risk management for over 10 years, working with property managers, owners, risk managers, insurers and others to provide type-1 fire risk assessments.

Not only are we a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers, but we worked hard to secure BAFE Gold SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment certification. The highest possible fire safety accreditation!

We provide high quality risk assessments for your residential property, office, shop, retail space or other commercial buildings. With many surveyors across the UK we can provide cost-effective assessments fast!

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Combine your fire risk assessment with a health and safety assessment and a building insurance valuation. We’ll do it all in one visit to save you time and money. Ask about it today.

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