We’re preparing to announce a joint-funded ergonomics study with the University of Salford at this year’s International Congress of Occupational Health in Dublin.

The study will focus on young people’s relationships with technology during developmental years and how the impact of this device use, as seen in the growing prevalence of MSDs in young people, will manifest itself in the workplace.

In 2013, Jon Abbott, Cardinus director and long-term advocate of ergonomics awareness for young people, announced the ergonomics4kids campaign – a mix of interactive tools and advice – that went on to teach hundreds of parents, teachers, children and business leaders, about the musculoskeletal risks posed by continued and long-term device use.

At ICOH 2018 Jon Abbott will further his commitment to ergonomics awareness by announcing this joint-funded study with the University of Salford. He will set out the aims of the study and our determination to return to ICOH in 2021 with results that will help businesses and the wider occupational health and safety community determine the tools and techniques to combat this burgeoning threat.

The talk will explore some of the existing literature, how we will approach the project and the methodology chosen in the attempt to get to the heart of the issue. Although there has been much written on ergonomics, and ergonomics in young people, no study has yet married ergonomics and young people to the workplace. This validated study will attempt to achieve it.

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The University of Salford’s Dr Anna Cooper-Ryan, Programme Leader MSc in Public Health and Lecturer in Public Health, said of the study, “We are looking forward to the project starting and working with Cardinus Risk Management Limited to explore this topical area. We feel that research outputs from this project will have significant academic impact as well as providing very valuable insight for this industry sector”.

ICOH is the world’s largest gathering of occupational health and safety experts, with over 700 presentations and sessions by some of the leading experts in the field. It is a fitting venue to launch this important study.

Furthermore, we’ve signed up as a Gold sponsor to this event, showing our commitment to the most important OSH event in the 2018 calendar.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we will also be offering prize money for ICOH’s 4th Student Competition. This competition will involve the creation of a poster to showcase their original research. The students will then be interviewed about their original research. The winner will receive a monetary award of £500. We will be funding a special prize for the Most Popular Student Poster, and are proud to award original research in occupational health and safety, helping to invigorate the future of the industry.

For more information on ICOH and to register to attend visit their website at http://icoh2018.org/2018/.

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