If it does there is a high chance it will fail and you will see an increase in discomfort and injuries.

Why is this? Well, we know the workplace is changing. We know that the devices we use at work are changing at breakneck speed too but did you know your employees are changing? It’s true; your current approach to DSE management has to change to remain relevant.


  • Does your DSE programme support all modern devices? Many employees use tablets; can you demonstrate effective training and assessment is in place?
  • Collaborative work spaces affect your DSE programme. Many companies do not now have space for all employees if they were all to turn up to work. Many include soft seating areas where employees can work for long periods.
  • Your graduate employees will have been using technology throughout their educational  career. Behaviours will be hard-coded and many will already be demonstrating DSE injuries. What are your plans to deal with this population?

Cardinus Risk Management is working in partnership with Health & Safety Laboratory (an agency of the Health & Safety Executive) to bring you DSE solutions that really work. Working with Matt Birtles, senior ergonomist at HSL our solutions centre around an e-learning approach that is truly unique and addresses many of the actual challenges that you will currently be experiencing in the modern workplace.

If you would like more details of our unique approach please do not hesitate to contact Cardinus on 020 7469 0200 or by email at [email protected].

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