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Incorrect Building Sum Insured

Across our body of work we’ve found that around 70% of properties are not insured for the right amount. Every year there are thousands of incidents of damage to buildings that could render it uninhabitable for residential or commercial properties. Insurance claims are mostly settled without issue, but if the building has incorrect building sums insured this can have serious implications.

Some of the major concerns of property managers and owners include claims payments not covering the full property repair or rebuild cost, discontented leaseholders and tenants, reputational damage and much more.

Dangers of Underinsurance

As an example of underinsurance, consider a block of 30 apartments with a current sum insured of £3,600,000.

Assume a rebuild value was actually £4,320,000 (in other words it was undervalued by 20%) and a claim was made at a cost of £2,500,000.

If an insurer applied an averaging clause saying the cover was only 83.33% of the true building value, the settlement made by insurers might be just £2,083,250 – leaving a shortfall of £416,750 that would have to be met by the residents or owners.

Rebuild Cost Assessments

To remedy this, arrange regular rebuild cost assessments, also known as reinstatement cost assessments (or even building insurance valuations) for your property conducted by a professional company on a regular basis.

This is a professional valuation that provides a complete assessment of the property rebuild costs. It takes into account the cost of labour and materials, access to site, removal of debris and a variety of other factors. Other considerations include whether the building is listed, has unusual fixtures and fittings, or VAT costs, where appropriate.

Having a professional valuation completed means that the property will have an accurate reinstatement value in the event of a loss and will avoid the perils of under- or overinsurance.


Here are our FAQs on Reinstatement Cost Assessments.


Cardinus Risk Management has been our chosen supplier of Reinstatement Cost Assessments for the past 7 years and I am continuously impressed with the reports and the level of service provided to me and my team here at Inspired.

David Poppleton, Managing Director, Inspired Property Management

Why Choose Cardinus?

Cardinus Risk Management has provided property risk management for over 10 years, working with property managers, owners, risk managers, insurers and others to provide on-site and desktop building insurance valuations.

Our surveyors are Regulated by RICS, which means our rebuild cost assessment surveys and reports follow RICS to a consistent, recognised standard of excellence.

We provide high quality risk assessments for your residential property, office, shop, retail space or other commercial buildings. With many surveyors across the UK we can provide cost-effective valuations fast!

Regulated by RICS


Combine your rebuilding assessment with a health and safety assessment and a fire risk assessment. We’ll do it all in one visit to save you time and money. Please note we only provide services for limited companies

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