Ergonomics E-Learning and Risk Assessment Software for Working at Home or the Office

Eliminating health and safety risks has always been an integral component of managing the workforce. In this global climate, we understand the urgency to address not only the pre-existing conditions but also prepare for the future. As a business, you’ll need to consider the short-and long-term wellbeing of your employee base and how to provide them with the necessary support and resources.

As your employees continue to transition from the corporate setting to working from home and back again, you are searching for ways to mitigate the potential risks that could arise from these new circumstances. Healthy Working allows you to do just that.

(Over 3,000,000 employees are currently using Healthy Working across the globe.)

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How Healthy Working Works to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Safe

Healthy Working is different. Take a look at how it works.

Healthy Working remains the solution of choice for 2,000 of the world’s largest organizations. We’ve helped them develop unique solutions using Healthy Working to meet the needs of their workforce, whether they run proactive or reactive ergonomics programs, need global ergonomics assessments and more.

To find out how your business and employees will be healthier and safer with Cardinus speak to our team today.

Adapting to the Way People Really Work

At Cardinus, we are flexible so we can support you through these changes. As the pandemic has progressed, we’ve adapted quickly to provide the solutions to fit your needs, so every solution we provide is highly customizable. It allows you to easily identify actions and then quickly resolve the issues.

Choose Healthy Working

  • Multiple language options
  • Ergonomics risk assessment and training tailored to the needs of each employee’s workstation
  • Engaging interactive sequences that help improve the educational process
  • Simple, effective task management and automated communication
  • Meets OSHA worker safety responsibilities
  • Increases compliance levels internally and in regulated territories
  • Experienced knowledge for building global programs, with rapid implementation and an exceptional level of customer support

End-to-End Support, from Training and Virtual Assessments, to Consultation

With so many things to tackle on a day-to-day basis, it’s difficult to ensure that staff stay safe and healthy.

Remote work is difficult enough, but training staff shouldn’t be. We’ve got over 20 courses focused on everything from health, safety and wellbeing, through to handling data and security policies. Communicating policy and evidencing that it’s been read can be difficult, but with our e-learning it doesn’t have to be.

We partner with companies across the globe to provide services like ergonomics-specialists, physiotherapy, workers’ compensation specialists and technology so you can get the support you need for every part of your health and safety strategy.

Where risks become complex and strategic decisions call for strategic expertise, our internal expert consultants are there to be your helping hand and guide you through difficulty.

Make a Bigger Impact and Improve Your Wider Ergonomics Program with Enterprise Healthy Working

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