Streamline Data Collection, Risk Scoring, and Reporting to Save Time and Effort in Industrial Ergonomics

Injury at work costs millions of production days each year. The majority of lost days come from ergonomics injuries, but assessing employees and digging into reports takes time. All the while, injuries build up.

Healthy Working Pro allows you to quickly capture ergonomics assessment data, build instant reports, and save you a lot of time in the process. And with all that data you can understand where issues lie and improve program performance.

Healthy Working Pro has been really helpful to our providers by giving them fast and efficient data collection, reporting and consistency in analysis. – Jessica Chandler, ATI Worksite Solutions

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Capture Data Quickly in One of 13 Global Assessments

Healthy Working Pro streamlines data collection, risk scoring and reporting. Take a look at how it works.

Spend Less Time Inputting Data, Spend More Time Reducing Injury

Adding data in to spreadsheets or reporting documents takes a lot of time. This time could be better used focusing on the interventions that will drive down injury and improve your ergonomics program performance. This way of doing things is tedious and labor-intensive.

Healthy Working Pro includes all the assessments you need, and instant reporting. Saving you a lot of time and allowing you to focus on the things that really matter.

✔️ 13 out-of-the-box industrial ergonomics assessment tools + bespoke assessments
✔️ Assessments for user, activity, solution, environment, equipment and process
✔️ Instant reporting on all assessments
✔️ Task analysis feature for HR teams
✔️ Consolidate findings and actions in one interface
✔️ Standalone or enterprise options
✔️ Online program for use anywhere!

Here’s How it Works

Healthy Working Pro is a simple-to-use industrial ergonomics program. It allows you to enter data on all major globally-recognized ergonomics assessments and quickly output reports for clients or for use internally.

The assessment data is saved so you can easily consolidate findings and actions, allowing you to understand your ergonomics risk profile and where issues lie.

Capture Data Within 13+ Assessments

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When you’re on-site, you want to be able to quickly capture that assessment data so you can begin the task of analyzing it. We’ve got 13+ cloud-based, globally recognized assessments currently available. You can add text, add images, and run through assessments with ease.

Report on the Findings

Now you’ve inputted your findings you can instantly report on those assessments. Output it as a PDF, Word or HTML file. You’ve now got a standardized report to hand to clients, making reporting simpler across your team, it also means you can more easily analyze assessments.

Standardized Reports Produced Instantly with Healthy Working Pro

Consolidate Findings In Your Program

Analyze Data. Improve Your Program with Healthy Working Pro

Understand the number of assessed tasks or risks, how many engineering recommendations have been made, how many administrative recommendations have been produced and more. This can really make a difference to wider program performance.

Build a Healthy Working Program

Make a Bigger Impact and Improve Your Wider Ergonomics Program with Enterprise Healthy Working

From online training and our partner network to safety and security consultants, and not forgetting our unbeatable ergonomics managed service.

Make a real impact on your ergonomics program. Get in touch below to find out more.

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