We want ergonomists, consultants and physios to have the time to focus on what matters. That’s why we launched Healthy Working Pro, learn more about this new software and where it can be used.

Healthy Working Pro is designed to make completing ergonomics assessments and reports quicker and easier – we explain how.

The ultimate goal of ergonomics assessments is to identify risks and provide findings that guide the implementation of control measures, which help to prevent injuries at work.

Consultants, physios and ergonomists who complete assessments record data, take measurements, record how tasks are performed – and then use this data to calculate risk and recommend solutions. This process can be time-consuming – usually involving the need to record data manually, input data into spreadsheets and then produce a report clients can digest and use to reduce the risks in their workplaces.

Healthy Working Pro is designed to change this and make the whole process more efficient for everyone involved.

What is Healthy Working Pro?

Healthy Working Pro is a newly launched ergonomics assessment software which has been designed and created to make creating and reporting on ergonomics assessment much quicker.

The software speeds up the process of collecting and processing data to identify risks, as well as creating reports for end-clients and stakeholders.

Manual ergonomics assessments can sometimes take hours to complete. This time is often spent on the manual task of processing data, managing it, and building reports – rather than on what matters, which is reducing risks and implementing solutions.

Saving Time

Healthy Working Pro is cloud-based. This means it can be used on portable devices (such as laptops and tablets) on-site. An assessor can input data into the program directly while carrying out assessments on environments, tasks, and employees.

The software includes 13 ready-to-use ergonomics assessment tools. Each assessment features data fields – which an assessor fills out as they work. Data fields align with the assessment type and include image and text fields, which allow assessors to take pictures of what they are assessing and automatically include these in end-user reports.

Each assessment includes the formulas required to turn the raw data into findings and reports automatically – taking away the need for tedious time spent on spreadsheets and converting numbers into reports and actions.

Healthy Working Pro also includes functions that have been specifically created with assessors in mind.

Create Reports in an Instant

With Healthy Working Pro, ergonomists and assessors no longer have to spend time on formatting reports and transposing data.

Healthy Working Pro turns inputted assessment data into reports, which assessors can export as a PDF or word file to share with their clients. Reports are standardized across the whole of the platform, allowing assessors to quickly produce and share professional and consistent risk assessment reports.

Staying on Track

Healthy Working Pro is designed to make the managing of assessments, recommendations, and findings easier.

The software consolidates an assessors’ work into one system, which makes staying on track easier to manage and control. The software records the number of assessed tasks, risks identified, and recommendations made.

This functionality is designed to make the lives of ergonomists, assessors and consultants easier – which allows for more time to be spent on what matters – providing the recommendations and using knowledge and experience to prevent injuries.

Healthy Working Pro can be linked to the wider Healthy Working pathway– and shared with other departments within a business, something which can be key in ensuring everyone who is involved in reducing risk and keeping employees safe has access to the right data.

Where can Healthy Working Pro be used?

Healthy Working Pro includes 13 assessments, with 6 assessment types for users, activities, solutions, environments, equipment, and processes.

Assessments include:

  • ACGIH TLV for Lifting
  • Liberty Mutual Lifting / Lowering
  • Liberty Mutual Pushing / Pulling
  • Liberty Mutual Carrying
  • Moore-Garg Strain Index
  • Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA)
  • Rapid Upper Body Assessment (RULA)
  • NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • NIOSH Composite Lifting Index
  • ANSI Survey
  • Rodgers Muscle Fatigue
  • MAC Tool

This variety of assessments makes Healthy Working Pro suitable for industrial locations such as factories, logistics centers, laboratories and warehouses.

Cardinus can also build bespoke assessments that can be added to the Healthy Working Pro software quickly. Bespoke assessments can be developed to meet the needs of specific environments, work tasks and organization types.

Grow and develop

Healthy Working Pro can be purchased as a standalone product, or as part of a larger enterprise package, which includes access to our office and laboratory solutions, and our e-learning suite. This provides unparalleled insight into your whole ergonomics program, and the training to empower employees in reducing their health and safety risks.

To learn more about Healthy Working Pro and how it can fit into the needs of your assessment role, contact us.

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Healthy Working Pro - Where Can it be Used?