We want ergonomists, consultants and physios to have the time to focus on what matters. That’s why we launched Healthy Working Pro, learn more about this new software and where it can be used.

The role of an ergonomics assessor is to identify risks in a work environment that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders or other types of workplace injuries. Assessors, ergonomists, and consultants use this information to make recommendations and implement solutions that can help to reduce risks and change workplace protocols to make environments safer.

For assessors, industrial environments such as factories and warehouses can be time-consuming to assess, especially if they are using manual data recording and formatting reports individually.

Healthy Working Pro was developed by Cardinus to make ergonomics assessments more efficient and less time consuming to complete.

Using Healthy Working Pro

Healthy Working Pro is a cloud-based ergonomics system that can be used on portable devices, such as laptops and tablets. This allows assessors and risk consultants to use the software on-site, as they assess workers, environments, equipment, processes, and existing solutions.

Using the software, an assessor can choose one of the systems’ 13 ergonomics tools and record data directly into the interface. Healthy Working Pro stores this data, which can then be used to create reports for the end-client.

Without such software, individual assessments (including creating the reports) can take many hours to complete. With Healthy Working Pro the process is significantly quicker, and more accurate, as assessors can input direct measurements and take pictures that can later be added to reports.

The software takes inputted data and transposes it into standardized report formats, which an assessor can export into a PDF or word document. The software analyses inputted data and calculates risk, which an assessor can then use to complete reports and make recommendations.

Two Models

Healthy Working Pro is available to assessors in two models – as a standalone ergonomics program or as part of an integrated suite of Healthy Working software solutions for home, office, and industrial environments.

The standalone access provides assessors with the cloud-based software and tools – which allows them to complete assessments, create reports, and manage data in one interface.

The enterprise option allows for all of the standalone product features, as well as integration with Cardinus’ suite of Healthy Working solutions.

Where can Healthy Working Pro be used?

Healthy Working Pro includes 13 globally recognized ergonomics tools that allow for assessments in a variety of industrial and manual environments.

As the system is cloud-based, assessors can take the system with them and store information in the software’s in-built database. The software works for projects large and small – with options suitable for individual assessments and organization-wide ergonomics audits.

Factories & Warehouses

Organizations with factories or warehouses will likely require an assessment that covers manual handling, repetitive movements, pushing and pulling and upper limb tasks.

Healthy Working Pro includes the relevant ergonomics tools which would be used in such environments, such as Liberty Mutual Pushing / Pulling, Rapid Upper Body Assessment (RULA), NIOSH Lifting Equation and Rodgers Muscle Fatigue.

Each tool walks assessors through the assessment – and includes image upload fields that can be used to record specific areas of interest, which can later be added to client reports.


The utilities industry often requires assessments at mobile locations. Utility workers carry out work where it is needed – this could be at a static location, such as a power station – or in an ever-changing location, such as on a roadside.

With Healthy Working Pro, consultants and assessors can travel to where a risk assessment is required. The software can be used on a mobile device such as a tablet – which makes it ideal for use in almost any location. In addition to this, the software includes all the tools an assessor may need – to review a wide range of motions and activities. Those who work for utility companies may have to complete tasks that are physically demanding, and high-risk activities, such as digging or pulling.

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution and logistics sites are often ‘high risk’ environments, as there are many tasks and activities associated with large or heavy objects. With Healthy Working Pro, assessors have the tools they need to assess a wide range of tasks a worker may be responsible for at this type of site.

The software includes tools that can assess the risk of lifting, carrying, or pushing– all of which can result in chronic injuries if not carried out correctly and safely. In addition to this, Healthy Working Pro includes reports and image upload functionality, which can be used to assess the safety or machinery used in logistics sites and the actions those using the machinery have to perform regularly.

Pharmaceuticals Sites

Pharmaceutical organizations are often responsible for a wide range of working sites and locations – each of which has unique features that need to be assessed. Locations can include sterile environments – such as laboratories – and physically demanding locations, such as warehouses and logistics sites.

With Healthy Working Pro, assessors and ergonomists can assess all of an organization’s sites, using one tool. The software includes the tools and reports required to assess each location – and create reports relevant to risks associated at each site type.

For example, Healthy Working Pro includes a Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) tool, which allows the assessment of critical tasks for jobs – assigning a score to each part of a movement. This score is used by the software to develop an overall figure, and to identify the risk level of a task.

Other locations and sites

Cardinus’ Healthy Working Pro software is suitable for a wide range of industrial sites and locations – in addition to those highlighted above. The software can also be used to assess:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing sites
  • Glass manufacturing sites
  • Automobile manufacturing sites
  • Aerospace sites
  • Hospitality environments

If you are responsible for assessing a specific type of industrial location, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if Healthy Working Pro is suitable.

Save Time & Improve Your Performance

Healthy Working Pro is about more than just creating reports quickly; it’s about providing ergonomists and consultants with more time to do what matters. Here at Cardinus, we believe that assessors want to focus on results, and making workplaces safer.

Healthy Working Pro allows you to do that. With the software, assessors no longer need to spend hours completing tedious reports and formatting data. With one solution and interface – the data is always to hand and organized in a way that makes working with clients easier, more efficient and focused on what counts.

To learn more about Healthy Working Pro, our enterprise model and how you can access the software contact us.

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