We headed to ErgoExpo 2018 to promote our world-leading software, our collaborations with unique partners and our expertise in all things ergonomics.

ErgoExpo is the largest industry expo in ergonomics. It features hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of competing products, all to deliver the best solutions for dealing with organizational ergonomics issues.

Every year we make the trip to ErgoExpo and every year we showcase our excellence in ergonomics. This year was no different.

In the past, we’ve won two ErgoExpo awards for our free ergonomics kits for children, students, and families, as well as holding interactive demos, speaking at a variety of sessions and helping ErgoExpo to become the event it is today.

This year, despite not winning any awards, we upped our game and brought with us a whole host of treats for attendees. But before we delve into what we did do, here are some snaps to showcase our stand and our staff.


We promoted a number of products this year.

First up is our ever-popular Healthy Working program. It’s an ergonomics e-learning and self-assessment program that helps organizations to quickly roll-out ergonomics training to employees that is then followed up by a risk assessment. By scoring their own risk employees help ergonomics program administrators to rapidly identify areas of medium and high risk so that they can prioritize interventions to those who need it most.

We also highlighted our new multi-course functionality that allows Healthy Working customers to access a library of 20 health, safety, environment and compliance courses, from inductions through to data security awareness. These additional courses help bolster the program through enabling administrators to monitor and train for risk in a wide variety of EHS settings.


This year we decided that we’d bring some of our partners along for the ride!

Dr. Romina Ghassemi’s BAX-U product is a back brace with a difference. This high-quality posture corrector offers bags of support and a whole lot of comfort. We had Dr. Romina Ghassemi with us at ErgoExpo to demonstrate her back brace and offer customers the chance to see it and feel it in action.

We also brought with us dorsaVi. Their high-tech innovations in wearable sensor technology that help EHS managers to understand the movements that their workforce take, enable staff to move better and perform more productively.


Cardinus President Bill Pace was on hand for a discussion on Total Work Health and how ergonomics can work within that approach to bring improvements in employee health, safety, and wellness. Speaking alongside DORN Companies’ Kevin Lombaro and Textron Aviation’s Shashikiran Mysur, they tackled the issue of lost productivity from MSDs and how a holistic look at an organization can lead to all parties involved enjoying better health outcomes, improved productivity and lower medical costs.


We also launched the latest edition of Cardinus Connect. Many of you picked up your free copy at our booth, and I’m sure you’ve had time to read through it and enjoy it. It’s a magazine packed with insight and opinion from some of the leading ergonomics professionals around the world.

You can download your free digital copy HERE.

We hope you had a great time at ErgoExpo and we hope to see you next year!

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