On 18 July and 20 July 2017 we presented two exciting ergonomics forums, The Dallas Ergonomics Forum and The Boston Ergonomics Forum respectively.

In all we presented to over 100 attendees, consumed a large quantity of sandwiches and pastries, sipped on selected sparkling wines and listened to 7 expert speakers deliver their presentations over 2 magnificent days.

The Dallas Ergonomics Forum

Starting in Dallas at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, our ergonomics forums kicked off with aplomb. We opened, at 1.30pm, with Cardinus US President Bill Pace discussing a favorite Cardinus topic, ergonomics pain in young people. With technology use becoming more prevalent we have to be aware of the negative impacts of this, particularly on growing bodies. Furthermore, there will be the future costs of hiring young people because of these pre-existing conditions.

Following from that Dr. Daryl Laney talked about MSDs and how the pain and costs associated with them can end up rippling through an organization. After lunch, Donna DeFalco continued with her take on a total worker health system and how advancing worker health can benefit organizations. Finally, Teresa Pacelli of Wells Fargo discussed how measurement of health can help you improve how you manage your workforce.

The Boston Ergonomics Forum

After a brilliant day of ergonomics exploration in Dallas we closed our laptops, packed our suitcases, and took the plane to Boston to do it all again on July 20. It was a beautiful day in Boston and the JFK Presidential Museum and Library proved a fantastic venue for the event. We even managed to find some free time to peruse the museum.

Bill Pace opened again and gave his talk on ergonomic issues facing the future workforce. After that, Travelers’ Woody Dwyer gave a fact-filled talk on ergonomics and workers’ compensation challenges in an ever-changing and increasingly fractured workplace.

After lunch we heard from two of Marsh Risk Consulting’s of finest. Marsh Risk Consulting was a partner in the event and helped us put together this excellent event. First up was Jennifer Law (you can read her last article for our risk management magazine here) on ergonomics and wellness in workplace design. She focused on green building elements ( specifically around LEED) and creating workplaces that are not only safe but promote wellness and health.

Finally we had Sean McDonald on managing workplace risks. His talked on how interacting with employees to understand their unique risks. It really made us want to get out and speak to our employees, after all, what we are really doing is ensuring that our employees are healthy and happy and if we don’t speak to them, how can we know? This was a perfect way to end two days of ergonomics talk!

See all the presentations from both forums below.

The Dallas Ergonomics Forum Presentations:

Bill Pace – Are You Prepared for the Challenges of Your Future Workforce?

In this talk Bill Pace looks at the many present ergonomic ills facing young people today, with a particular focus on device use and posture. He then presented a real life case study and how they combated the problem.

Dr. Daryl Laney – The MSD Domino Effect

This talk focused on the anatomy of musculoskeletal injury and its impact on the organisation as a whole. MSD medical claims are on of the highest drivers of cost for a company and so understanding the impacts of MSDs and how to prevent them is vital.

Donna DeFalco – Protecting and Advancing Worker Health

This talk focused on employee health and the advantages of advancing worker health within an organisation. It takes it further by looking at hidden cost of MSD claims to understand what is happening and how to prevent them.

Teresa Pacelli – Measure What You can Manage

In her talk she described the costs associated with presenteeism and absenteeism and their impact on the wider organisation. She then offered solutions to the problem of this hidden cost.

The Boston Ergonomics Forum Presentations:

Woody Dwyer – Ergonomics and Workers’ Comp Challenges in a Changing Workplace

Woody’s talk focused on the medical costs of workplace safety and ergonomics and key trends that will impact workers today.

Jennifer Law – Branching Out: Ergonomics in Green and Wellness Workplace Design

This fascinating talk covered the design and layout of work environments and how they have changed over the years, with particular focus on two wellness standards that promote overall building occupant safety and wellness.

Sean McDonald – Get Up, Get Out, and Manage Your Workforce Risks!

His talk asked the question, ‘how confident are you that you understand the daily challenges of your workforce?’ The response covered the processes and programs required to meet that workforce risk.

We hope you enjoyed the events and plan to do many more in the future. Get in touch at [email protected] to keep informed or to inquire about our leading ergonomics products. See you next time!

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