Personal Safety Awareness | E-Learning Course

This e-learning course aims to give to give users a methodical approach in identifying and mitigating risks to their personal safety while at work.

Give Employees the Training They Need to Stay Safe When Working

The course helps your staff stay safe while carrying out their day-to-day work by teaching them to conduct risk assessments of any given location prior to departure and upon arrival. The course is designed to provide people with skills to protect themselves and others in difficult situations. Personal safety is both a mindset and a system of awareness.

The benefits of Personal Safety Awareness e-learning:

  • Give employees the skills to stay safe
  • Roll-out to remote and lone workers easily
  • Builds organizational resilience around safety
  • Interactive courses provides engaging learning
IIRSM Approved Training Logo | May 2018 to May 2021
Welcome to Personal Safety Awareness
Planning process
POP assessment
People assessment
Physical distance
Workplace violence

Training on the Areas that Matter

  • Systematic approach to identifying and mitigating personal risk
  • Teaches to assess risk with the Likert Scale mechanism
  • Guidance on planning, PSE, maps, vehicles checks and more
  • Advice on risk assessments, assessing people, environments and behaviour
  • How to reduce the chance of conflict in multiple environments

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