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    Adapting to a Changing World – How the Workplace is Adapting

    Connect, Issue 15: Adapting to a Changing World

    Issue 15 tackles a changing world. The pandemic has brought about the biggest changes to society and the workplace since organizations were transformed by information technology. We, like many others, expect these changes to be long-lasting. In this issue, we look at how these changes might embed themselves in the future workplace.

    Specifically, we look at the challenges of flexible working and the issues of managing the health and safety risk of home, office, and off-site workers into a holistic program.

    Plus, we look at considerations for remote workers, support for wellbeing, how to manage stress, investments in workplace tech, total employee engagement and much more!

    Articles include:

    • Remote Work was Never so Remote, it’s Been with Us for Decades – Jon Abbott
    • Workplace Wellbeing – Challenges in 2021 and Beyond – Mykay Kamara
    • The Science of COVID-19 – Claudia Calder
    • Applying a User-Centered Approach to Design Post-COVID-19 – Stephen Bowden
    • From the Inside Out: Flipping the Script on Modern Ergonomics – Donna DeFalco
    • The Hybrid Workplace – Guy Osmond
    • Managing Stress for Optimal Health in 2021 – Kristel Bauer
    • Plus lots more!

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    Managing Flexible Worker Risk:

    The health and safety of workers who work partly from home, partly in the office, and also at other locations, is complex. There are many needs and challenges to address. However, our ergonomics platform Healthy Working can help you to manage this risk. Find out more about Healthy Working here.

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