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    Building Resilience – How to Help Your Workforce Become More Resilient

    Connect, Issue 13: Building Resilience

    We open this issue with Julie Hutchinson discussing how to build resilience in the workforce. Focusing on stress, Julie points out that nearly $600 billion is lost each year because its effect on the workforce. The stats don't lie and it suggests a latent danger for organizations.

    However, she provides advice and guidance for managers to help deal with the problems of stress in the workplace, and includes the ABE technique that's used across the world. If you're focusing on employee wellness this year, Julie's article is the place to start.

    We've also got loads of great articles from across the safety spectrum, including an update on our ergonomics research project with the University of Salford, how to deliver excellent travel safety management, understanding tolerance of risk, reducing health care costs and much more.

    Articles include:

    • Want a More Resilient Workforce, Julie Hutchinson
    • What Makes a Great Ergonomics Programme, Hollie Smith
    • Reducing Healthcare Costs and Injury in 2019, Bill Pace
    • Investing in the Future Workforce, Anna Clark
    • Heating Up: The Hot Topics in Health and Safety in 2019, Andy Hawkes
    • Understanding Risk, Paul Crossland
    • And much more expert evidence and opinion inside!

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