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    Generation Pain: Millennials as They Enter the Workplace

    Connect, Summer 2016: Generation Pain US

    In our US edition of Connect magazine, Bill Pace, US President looks at Generation Y and how their health issues will impact the workplace as they enter it. Due to the rise of technology use and the often poor postures that we get into when we use technology, millennials will be entering the workplace with the types of back and neck pain often seen from years working at traditional desks. This article looks at how employers can find solutions to cope with this.

    Jon Abbott introduces our latest fight in the war against poor posture, Healthy Working. It’s a revolutionary new DSE e-learning tool that helps organisations more effectively manage their ergonomics health risks, and teaches employees how to improve their posture and reduce their own risk. We also feature a number of other articles from industry experts in ergonomics.

    There’s plenty more to find in this edition, including:

    Post-employment screening for MSDs, Lee Huber
    Preventing fatigue at work, Ann Hall
    The ergonomics connection, Wayne Maynard
    High touch engagement and ergonomics, Donna Defalco
    Plus much more.

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