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    Hand in Hand for Health – How Good Ergonomics and Working Habits can Help Reduce Health Risks

    Connect, Summer 2017: Hand in Hand for Health

    To combat health risks ergonomics needs to work hand in hand with habit change to help to reduce risk, so says Bupa's Roy Cochran-Patel. This have never been more important than today, where we have a variety of different needs due to an ever-changing office environment. In his article Roy spells out where that change needs to come from and how to bring it about.

    Elsewhere we have Stephen Smith on young people, technology and addiction, which presents a rather scary view of the future that could unfold. There’s also articles on medical wearables, improving safety culture and surviving a lone wolf attack. Download your free copy here.

    In the Summer edition we’ve got:

    • How Good Ergonomics and Working Habits can Help Reduce Health Risks, Roy Cochran-Patel
    • Our Biggest Challenge: Developing Healthy Working, Ryan Pavey
    • How to Survive a Lone Wolf Attack, Andy Neal
    • A Story of Technological Addiction, Young People and the Future of Work, Stephen Smith
    • Plus much more.

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