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    Pay Back Time: How Ergonomics Programmes Pay You Back

    Connect, Autumn 2015: Pay Back Time

    In the Autumn 2015 issue of our ever-popular Connect magazine, we ask the big question: Can an ergonomics program pay for itself? The answer, of course, is a YES (with caveat). In the article, Keith Osbourne takes a look at real-world examples where health and safety has paid back many, many times over. If you need help convincing your financial director to invest in ergonomics, this might be how you go about it.

    We also look at millennials and the digital devices that are causing them so much pain. This is especially pertinent for those who have responsibility over the health of young workers, as we explain what it’s going to do as they enter the workforce. We’ve termed this the ‘ergonomics tsunami’.

    Plus, articles on school chair design, developing a wellness team, telecommuting, and much more.

    Features in our Autumn 2015 magazine Pay Back Time:

    • Ergonomics Tsunami
    • Give Me Back My Cube
    • Put a Wellness Team Together
    • The Trouble with Backpacks
    • Pay Back Time
    • Wear it Well
    • Lone Working – The Big Questions
    • Back Health in Schoolchildren
    • And Much More!

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