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    Pokémon K.O.: The Latent Health Risks Around Pokémon GO

    Connect, Fall/Winter 2016: Pokémon K.O. US

    In our US edition of Connect magazine, Jon Abbott discusses the various health issues that surround playing Pokémon K.O., the most popular app in the world. As we spend more and more time playing and interacting with devices and new technologies, we find ever more ways to cause ourselves injury. This is why we've called it Pokémon K.O.

    We also spend time surveying the risks surrounding home workers, or telecommuters as they are sometimes known. This body of workers frequently falls short of complete risk coverage as we fail to provide the means of assessment. In two separate articles we look at how to help home workers form good ergonomic habits and give you the full guide on home worker health. Plus, we've got loads more on office ergonomics, monitor height and information security management.

    In this bolster edition, we've got lots more:

    • Growing Green Places, Jennifer Law
    • Too High? Too Low? Just Right!, Robin Cyr
    • Bitten By Bytes, Ian Chong
    • ISO 45001, Andy Hawkes
    • Plus much more.

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