The Future of Health and Safety

Peter Kinselley considers the impact of technology on the future of health and safety and offers guidance on how practitioners can keep abreast of the rapid pace of change. I often reflect upon [...]

Give Me Back My Cube!

Give me back my cube! Rick Spencer reports on lessons learned and best practices for creating the workplace of the future. You have lost your cube or office. Or if you haven’t, you very soon [...]

Ergonomics Tsunami

The risk to young people from their inappropriate use of technology is huge, as Nigel Heaton and Guy Osmond explain. We believe society faces an ergonomics challenge that has the potential to [...]

The Next Big Ergonomics Challenge

Cardinus recently worked with leading ergonomics experts Nigel Heaton, director of Human Applications, and Guy Osmond, managing director of the Osmond Group, to produce a webinar to warn of the [...]

Ergonomics on the Move

The mobile workforce and the use of laptops has become increasingly problematic over the past few years. With the advent of the millennial worker the issue will continue to get worse. A number of [...]