6 Benefits of E-Learning

There are many advantages to e-learning, beyond just costs. Courses can be highly practical, rigorous and it is a validated learning model which can support an organization’s training [...]

Is it Health and Safety? Yes!

Dr. Ann Hawkins of 24hr Virtual Clinic discusses stress, presenteeism and absenteeism and asks, are these health and safety issues? In 1964, Bob Dylan recorded – “The Times They Are a Changing” – [...]

Why Do We Get Things Wrong?

Companies employ stupid people. Daily we see that accidents are caused by negligent behavior. We always seem to focus on the poor sap who pressed the wrong button; who missed the warning sign; or [...]

MSDs and Steps to Control

Richard Kruckeberg on the steps organizations can take towards better MSD control Costs associated with management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders through worker’s compensation [...]

Risk Management Moves Up The Agenda

Andy Hawkes, CEO at Cardinus and newly elected President of IIRSM, paints a picture of the future of the risk management industry and describes how Cardinus Risk Management aims to deal with the [...]

How to Improve Workplace Safety Culture

Tom Reddon gives us his three steps to improving safety awareness within an organization. The mantra is true, there is no such thing as being too safe. For the safety workplaces, this is not just [...]

Managing Safety for Telecommuters

Your one-stop guide to managing safety for telecommuters, from lone working expert Wayne Maynard Thanks to advances in information technology, where you work these days is not as much of an issue [...]

The Ergonomics Connection

As Wayne Maynard reports, whether you’re aiming for employee wellness or organizational wellness, the link with ergonomics is irrefutable. There is no universally accepted definition of wellness. [...]

Payback Time

You can predict how soon a good ergonomics program will pay for itself. As Keith Osborne explains, after that it’s all profit. You know that the impact ergonomics has on production, quality and [...]