DSE Assessor Training

Our DSE assessor training courses are both on-site and public. Get the expertise you need for your job.

Build Your DSE Knowledge to Carry Out Your Own Assessments

Our DSE assessor training courses offer an introduction to ergonomic assessment principles and their relation to display screen equipment. Find a free course here, or enquire about our on-site courses.

What are the benefits of DSE assessor training?

  • Learn to assess and mitigate DSE health risks
  • Increase your understanding of DSE risk management
  • Improve compliance of your DSE assessments
  • Build in-house DSE knowledge
Cardinus DSE Assessor Training
DSE assessor training

DSE Assessor Training Course Objectives

On completion of the course delegates will have:

  • Debated the impact of ergonomics on the workplace
  • Discussed the implementation of the DSE regulations (1992)
  • Evaluated hazards and risks related to workstation use
  • Examined a process for performing DSE assessments
  • Carried out a DSE assessment at a user’s workstation
  • Created a personal action plan for carrying out DSE assessments

Where, Why and What

Free public courses hosted at our London HQ throughout the year

Pay for us to come to your site and deliver in-house training to your team

Learn how to evaluate and resolve the risks associated with workstation use

Part of any effective DSE risk management programme

Covers manual processes and the usage of DSE training and risk assessment software

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Here’s what the attendees thought of the course:

Course Date - 5th July 2017

5 5 1
The DSE measurements were very useful.

Course Date - 5th July 2017

5 5 1
It was an even-paced course. The practical training and report notes were very good for future reference.

Course Date - 5th July 2017

5 5 1
Trainer able to quote from actual cases and show a lot of knowledge. It was practical, hands on and up to date with ergonomic accessories designed to assist.