Understand the symptoms of different respiratory illnesses to help you and your colleagues know the signs of COVID-19.

In this chart we've pooled the latest research to help you understand the symptoms of general respiratory illnesses, along with COVID-19.

It's important as we start returning to work that we each know the signs of COVID-19. This will help to ensure that should we develop such symptoms we stay at home and quarantine to avoid contact with people outside of our homes and to stop the spread of the illness.

The document can be used as part of the Prevent approach to the return to work strategy Prepare, Inform, Prevent, Recover. Learn about the PIPR strategy here so that you can develop a robust return to work plan that protects your staff.

What's in the Respiratory Illness Chart?

The respiratory illness chart compares a long list of symptoms against COVID-19, a cold, flu or seasonal allergies. The symptoms range from the duration of symptoms to whether or not there is a loss of taste of smell.

It is important to note that symptoms will vary from patient to patient and that the information and research into COVID-19 is developing all the time. This may mean that there are further symptoms not covered here, such as long-term symptoms that have yet to be properly understood.

Allergies, colds and flu can all trigger asthma, which can lead to shortness of breath. COVID-19 is the only one associated with shortness of breath on its own.

Sources include the NHS, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Download the full respiratory illness symptoms chart here and share it with your colleagues.

If you require further support in implementing a health and safety programme for returning to work then you can get in touch with us here. We've supported many companies in developing and implementing plans, helping them and their employees to return to work safely while minimising the chance of infection.



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