Cardinus has partnered with world renowned cyber security firm, Tridena, to create the Essential Cyber Security e-Learning course

This course is designed to protect anyone and everyone against cyber-criminal attacks. It explains how organisations can identify potential cyber risks and what to do if their systems are compromised.

31% increase in cyber-crime during the pandemic

The pandemic has presented a huge challenge for organisations that seek to protect themselves and their assets from cyber-attacks.

It’s been reported that there has been a 31% increase in cyber-crime during the pandemic, costing UK businesses over £6.2 million (September 2019-2020).

Company laptops are now in the homes of their employees, sharing networks with a family X-box, Amazon Alexa or Hive heating. This has made it easier for cyber criminals to access personal information and restrict access until the individual provides money or access to a work laptop.

Protect your business from cyber criminals

The Essential Cyber Security course provides an additional level of protection for business with home and/or hybrid workers. It includes a series of modules to help employees:

  • Identify common cyber threats
  • Protect business and personal data
  • Secure devices and internet connections
  • Respond to ransomware attacks.

“Cyberthreat is now an unfortunate reality of global life with information and information technology playing a crucial role in all business activities. Our Essential Cyber Security course has been designed with expertise from Tridena, to focus on all aspects of cyber security. It protects businesses from cyber-criminals and increases awareness of the cyber threats we face in everyday life.” Andy Neal, Director, Director of Global Security Solutions, Cardinus Risk Management.

“Organisations have invested heavily in their network security and VPN technology to enable employees to work remotely. However, if an employees’ home network is vulnerable, then criminals can exploit this. The Essential Cyber Security course protects organisations by making sure their employees cannot be easily compromised and coerced to hand over company data.” Paul Davidson, Director, Tridena.

Get a free trial

You can access a free trial of the Essential Cyber Security eLearning course by visiting the Cardinus website or calling 0207 469 0200.

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