Although the Data Protection Act has been around since 1998, the information environment we operate in has changed dramatically.

The personal data of many groups of individuals held by our organisations, such as employees, suppliers and customers, is protected by law. Companies must act responsibly when processing this data and all staff must understand their obligations if a company wants to avoid costly legal action.

An employee simply forwarding an email can lead to a breach of data protection law if that email contains personal information.

Cardinus Risk Management, the award-winning e-learning and training provider, has now launched Data Protection Awareness to help companies protect themselves, their staff and the individuals whose data they process.

This cost-effective e-learning programme will teach employees:

  • What constitutes personal and sensitive personal data and what is meant by the term ‘processing’.
  • The different types of people protected by the Act whose data their organisation might process.
  • The consequences for non-compliance as an individual or to their organisation.
  • What they must do as an employee.

To view the online Data Protection Awareness e-learning course click here. Follow the instructions on screen to create your user ID and register to access the course.  Alternatively call 020 7469 0200 or email [email protected] to request an online demonstration

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