We’re really excited to be launching the new issue of Cardinus Connect. Connect took a short hiatus due to the pandemic, but we’re back again with this fantastic new issue of Connect, featuring a bumper crop of articles from our brilliant expert contributors.

The world has been turned on its axis. Business has been in a period of upheaval, and talk is of a greater degree of flexibility in working patterns. In issue 15 of Cardinus Connect we look what that means for businesses and for the health and safety of their staff.

In the lead article, Jon Abbott argues that change has been coming for a while and that COVID has simply become the catalyst for rapid change. For businesses, it’s not necessary to re-write the rule-book on how to manage the health and safety of flexible and remote working staff, when we have a wealth of data and advice from prior to the pandemic. The key will be to manage the scale-up effectively.

As businesses, we’re going to have to face up to the fallout of the pandemic and what it has meant for our staff, their families and the wider society. An extra emphasis on wellbeing and care is required too. We’ve included content from numerous contributors talking about how to develop and improve employee care and wellbeing programs and what that will mean wherever the work.

Finally, we also have an update on the many developments in the regulatory framework surrounding fire and building safety. These changes have been coming for a long time, but the rapid pace of change means additional duties for the property industry.

This has been the biggest threat and shake-up of the business world in decades. We hope the guidance in this issue of Connect can help you to make your workplace happier, healthier and safer.

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Here’s your full list of articles and contributors:

  • Remote work was never so remote, it’s been with us for decades – Jon Abbott, Cardinus
  • Workplace wellbeing – Challenges in 2021 and beyond – Mykay Kamara, Welbot
  • The risk that fatigue poses to driver and fleet safety – David Crangle, Transpoco
  • Safety and risk management starts from the ground up – Christian Harris, Slip Safety Services
  • The role of smartphones, gamification and rewards in a business driver safety programme – Dominic Saunders, Brightmile
  • How the hardening insurance market is going to affect business – Cassie Shipley, Bletchley Group
  • The science of COVID-19 – What we know so far – Claudia Calder, Cardinus
  • Applying a user-centred approach to design post-COVID-19 – Stephen Bowden
  • From the inside out: Flipping the script on modern ergonomics – Donna DeFalco, Health Enhancement Company
  • The hybrid workplace – Guy Osmond, Osmond Ergonomics
  • Managing stress for optimal health in 2021 – Kristel Bauer, Live Greatly
  • Have you invested in technologies for the workplace and still not seen the benefit? – Mark Heaysman, Longitude6
  • The UK’s external wall problem goes well beyond cladding – The state of façade fire safety – Dorian Lawrence, FR Consultants
  • Physical health and the changing face of the workplace – Jonathan Daniel, Fitback
  • Health and safety: Making total employee engagement your North Star – Simon Cooke, SHE Software
  • Your Team’s Wellbeing Vs. Toilet Paper – Harry Bliss, Champion Health
  • Does tracking health and safety maturity improve culture, performance and engagement and reduce workplace injury rates? – Andy Hutt, Safe365
  • Remote working considerations – Peter Kinselley, Cardinus

You can download your free copy of Cardinus Connect here.

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