You probably know Cardinus for its award-winning DSE e-learning solution, Workstation Safety Plus. But you might not know that we also offer a huge range of services to help organisations manage risk. One of the most popular in our suite of property risk management solutions is our on-site fire risk assessment. In fact, we carry out thousands of fire risk assessments on client properties around the UK and overseas every year.

The Fire Safety Order 2005, which came into effect in October 2006, requires a responsible person to carry out a continuous risk assessment to demonstrate that the fire safety precautions are adequate.

In order to comply with the legislation, you should appoint a competent person to:

  • carry out a fire risk assessment identifying any possible dangers and risks;
  • consider who may be especially at risk;
  • provide advice on removal or reduction from fire as far as it is reasonably possible and provide general fire precautions to deal with any possible risk left.

The competent person is defined as: someone who has sufficient training, experience, knowledge or other qualities to enable them to carry out a measure correctly.

Cardinus Risk Management has been successfully assessed and awarded certification in accordance with the new BAFE SP205 scheme for organisations that provide Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments. This means that companies commissioning fire risk assessments from us can be confident that the services are relevant and of the highest standard.

If you’re responsible for managing the fire risk for your organisation’s properties and you’d like to hear more from Cardinus about how we can help you, please call us on 0207 469 0200, email us at [email protected] or click here and complete the online contact form.

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