Post-Accident Interviews Help Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of incidents occurring again by holding post-accident interviews with drivers involved in incidents.

Turn a Negative Into a Positive With Post-Accident Interviews

Understanding why incidents occur helps reduce the risks of them occurring. We interview drivers after incidents to establish circumstances and ensure parties are less likely to occur again.

Here’s why post-accident interviews help:

  • Reduce the chance of future incidents
  • Minimise future claim costs
  • Help your employees overcome the trauma of incidents
  • Build awareness skills around incidents
Post Accident Interviews
Post Accident Interviews

Learn from mistakes to continually improve

  • Interviews are carried out by trained road traffic accident investigation experts with the utmost care and attention
  • Understanding why accidents occur will help you avoid them in the future
  • The first step towards building driver confidence after an incident
  • Post-accident interviews uncover opportunities to improve driver training and/or business practices

How our interviews are carried out:

Our post-accident interviews are carried out by highly trained experts. Our team of advisers are road traffic accident investigation specialists and are highly experienced in interviewing drivers following an accident. Interviews are carried out in a sympathetic manner taking into account that drivers may have been affected by the incident. In many cases our team can help your drivers start the recovery process.

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

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