With businesses looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity among their employees many organisations are turning up the pressure on staff, making them work harder and faster to shorter deadlines. This may work in the short term but if enforced over a long period, employees run the risk of suffering psychological and physical health problems. Too much work pressure is proven to lead to reduced energy levels and an increased risk of burn-out. Exactly the opposite of what is trying to be achieved.

A better solution is to find ways to optimise working pressure, improve skills and the working environment. Addressing these three areas will simultaneously improve performance, comfort and health.

In the latest Cardinus Risk Management white paper, Gain an hour a day, Dr Stefan Ijmker, human movement scientist, epidemiologist and senior consultant, explains how organisations can help employees to work more healthily and efficiently. The solutions offered focus on changing the working behaviour of individual employees.

Gain an hour a day explains how your employees can protect health and sustainably improve performance by an hour a day. The solutions are available to all staff and the investments required are small, which make the benefits quick to realise.

To find out how you and all of your colleagues can improve their psychological and physical health, and find an extra hour in every work day request your free copy of the Cardinus Gain an hour a day white paper by clicking here or email info@cardinus.com.

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