HR and Operations E-Learning

A range of HR and operations-based courses that help you communicate key messages to your employees, track completion and evidence understanding.

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Cardinus HR Operations Accreditations

Make sure your employees understand their role and responsibilities

The press is full of horror stories for HR and operations-related errors. Whether it’s lost customer data or claims of discrimination these events cause upset and damage reputations. Ensure your employees receive the information they need to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. Using our HR and operations e-learning course enables you to easily train your entire employee population, no matter how large, at minimal expense.

A tried and tested e-learning solution for mandatory employee training

Our e-learning solutions ensure maximum take-up of the courses you need all employees to complete. Our customisable content, fully reflecting your policies and procedures, can be sent to all relevant employees in seconds with take up upwards of 95% within a couple of weeks. Any staff members not completing their training will be reminded by automated emails and fully visible to key stakeholders via our PACE management software.

We make it quick and easy to deliver important employee awareness training

From our management system, PACE, you will have full control over who receives what training and when. A fully automated process ensures training is completed and reintroduces courses when refreshers are due. With a complete training history for each employee and a range of on-demand reports you’ll always have visibility of your training successes and where the gaps are for improved take-up. We make mandatory training a slick and efficient process.

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