Effective Risk Assessment Training | E-Learning Course

Introduce your employees to the concept of risk assessment with our e-learning training course.

Help Your Employees Understand Organisational Risk

Effective Risk Assessment is an interactive e-learning course designed to introduce employees to the concept of risk assessment and why risks need to be assessed in a methodical way.

The benefits of risk assessment training:

  • Quickly and easily teach employees about risk management
  • Ground your organisation in risk management
  • Avoid subjectivity in understandings of risk
  • Help build consistent and effective methods of control
Risk Management E-learning
Risk Management
Risk Assessment - Five Steps
Likelihood of Harm
Consequences of Harm
Risk Control Options
Risk Controls in Practice
Residual Risk
The Basic Rules of Risk
Effective Risk Assessment Test

Effective Risk Assessment has Many Benefits

  • Create a positive safety culture by helping employees understand risk better
  • Train hundreds or even thousands of staff in just a few clicks
  • Ensure those required to carry out risk assessments have the appropriate training
  • Customise Effective Risk Assessment to suit your organisation’s needs
Cardinus Risk Management Health and Safety E-Learning

Expertly developed content on a flexible e-learning platform

Effective Risk Assessment provides all of your employees with an engaging, interactive learning process.  Content has been developed by our internal health & safety consultancy team and is used by hundreds of organisation around the world. A variety of teaching methods are used to ensure your employees understand the principles of risk assessment.

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