Security Awareness Training | E-Learning Course

Avoid financial loss and reputational damage by protecting your organisation’s most important asset with employee security awareness training.

Enjoy Improved Security Protection with Our Security Awareness Training Course

Security Awareness training

Information security is one of the most important skills employees need to know. It is vital that staff understand their role in protecting data. All processes and procedures can fail if there isn’t a proper understanding of the safety and commercial implications of data security. Raise awareness quickly and schedule regular refresher training using our security awareness e-learning software.

IIRSM Approved Course
Security Awareness

E-learning: the most effective security awareness training

  • Increase employee security awareness with this customisable e-learning course
  • Training takes 20-25 minutes and can be completed in multiple sittings as progress is saved
  • Our management system helps you stay on top of who’s received and who needs to complete their security awareness training
  • Using e-learning reduces training downtime, expense and standardises your training messages

Employees will learn about the following topics using our Security Awareness e-learning solution:

Demonstrate an understanding of what information security is and its importance

Realise why information security is a personal and corporate responsibility

Demonstrate the consequences of security breaches

Understand your own security policies and procedures

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