Over the past few years we’ve ran a number of top class ergonomics forums around the world, from London to Sydney and across the US.

Now, in July 2017, we’re one week away from giving you two more amazing forums that’ll enhance your knowledge and skill-set. If you want to lead your employees through the maze of modern ergonomics, there’s no better place to start.

Attended by ergonomics and health and safety managers of some of the biggest organizations in the world, and with speakers from the likes of ESIS, Marsh Risk Consulting and Wells Fargo, our forums have proved time and time again to be hugely valuable.

And if that doesn’t make your mouth water, then our lunch and evening drinks receptions will do. We often give these a British theme (being a British organization it only seems fitting!), with tasty treats of cakes and sandwiches, and delicious English sparkling wine. One more thing to note, the bill is on us – these events are free-to-attend with a limited number of guests, so sign up now.

The Dallas Ergonomics Forum

18 July 2017

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas

In Dallas, we’re partnering with Neuromuscular Corporate Solutions, an organization that provides companies with on-site musculoskeletal treatment and pain relief with a preventative approach. We’ll be joined by their founder, Dr. Laney, as well as Donna DeFalco from The Health Enhancement Company, and Teresa Pacelli from Wells Fargo.

They’ll be discussing a range of modern ergonomics issues from MSDs to health measurement. They’ll also be joined by Cardinus’ very own Bill Pace, who will open up with a talk on the ergonomic challenges young people face and how that will impact future workforces.

Talk titles:

Bill Pace, Cardinus – Are You Prepared for the Challenges of Your Future Workforce?
Dr. Daryl Laney, Neuromuscular Corporate Solutions – The MSD Domino Effect: How the Pain Cycle Radiates Throughout an Organization
Donna DeFalco, The Health Enhancement Company – Protecting and Advancing Worker Health
Teresa Pacelli, Wells Fargo – Manage What You Can Measure

The Boston Ergonomics Forum

20 July 2017

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

For the Boston forum we’re partnering with Marsh Risk Consulting, one of the largest risk management consultancies in the world. They’re going to be bringing their expertise with not one, but two different speakers. We’ll also be joined by Woody Dwyer from Travelers, who will talk on workers’ compensation and ergonomics, and Cardinus US President Bill Pace.

Talk Titles:

Bill Pace, Cardinus – Are You Prepared for the Challenges of Your Future Workforce?
Woody Dwyer, Travelers – Ergonomics and Workers’ Comp Challenges in a Changing Workplace
Jennifer Law, Marsh Risk Consulting – Branching Out: Ergonomics in Green and Wellness Workplace Design
Sean McDonald, Marsh Risk Consulting – Get Up, Get Out, and Manage Your Workforce Risks!

A Link to the Past

As mentioned above, we’ve had a fantastic run of shows, particularly in the last two years. Attendees have found them hugely valuable, and we hope that you will too. Below is a selection of articles celebrating our previous forums, which also include the slide decks from all the talks.

The Chicago Ergonomics Forum and The San Francisco Ergonomics Forum, April 2016
The London Ergonomics Forum, June 2016
The Sydney Ergonomics Forum, January 2017

Here are a couple of choice presentations so that you can see the quality of the speakers and the information presented.

The Ups and Downs of Sit/Stand Workstations: An Observational Case Study

Office Ergonomics: Principles and Practice in a Multi-Tiered System

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