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Millions of employees are currently working remotely, and that presents a big challenge to organizations. The home office has unique issues, with workers facing higher injury rates, mental health problems and questions around wellbeing.

In this rapidly changing situation, we’re all struggling to understand our health and safety exposure. We recognize the challenge and have compiled a range of solutions to meet remote worker issues.

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Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic our customers have faced challenges that would be unimaginable previously. Not only do they need to reach their employees now either working from home or transitioning back to an office environment, but they also need to support them with real, proactive solutions for MSD and mental health issues.

And with workers based around the globe, you’ll need effective, online and regionally-located solutions to deliver tailored and appropriate solutions.

Reaching Remote Staff Wherever They Work

Our remote worker solutions bring together e-learning, risk assessment, virtual assessments, advice guidance and consultancy to power your remote strategy.

Combine our remote worker solutions with our health and safety consultants, global ergonomics partners, or our suite of e-learning for a powerful way to reduce risk.

Remote worker solutions, wherever your team works.

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Homeworker E-Learning

Support Homeworkers with E-Learning

Working from home differs to working in an office. This course helps home workers understand the health risks of home work.

Return-to-Work E-Learning

E-Learning for Communicating Return to Work

There are complex H&S challenges that need to be met for return to work. To help return staff safely, why not choose e-learning?

Virtual Comfort Helpline

Virtual Comfort Helpline

Global video and telephonic intervention across 191 countries from regionally-based certified professionals speaking local languages.

Homeworker Advice Email Templates

Home Working Advice Email Templates

8 email templates for temporary home workers, covering sleep, medical emergencies, fire safety, stretching, eating well, home comfort and more.

Healthy Working® Stretching App

Healthy Working Stretching App

Exercises and ergonomics direct to your phone with the Healthy Working app. Updates for home working scenarios.

Return to Work Advisory Service

Advisory Service for Return to Work

Let us help you through your return to work program development, delivery and measurement with our global health and safety consultants.

Bring together effective remote working solutions for your global or national workforce. We already deliver our services to thousands of end-users across the globe, enabling workers to live healthier, happier lives.

Speak to Cardinus today to see how we can help your remote worker program.

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