Taking the Discomfort out of Travel

Nicholas Wujcik Nicholas Wujcik, Manager of Growth Strategies at ATI Worksite Solutions, discusses how to successfully utilize micro-breaks to minimize discomfort during personal and business [...]

Mindful Ergonomics for Traveling

Donna DeFalco Donna DeFalco, President of the Health Enhancement Company, gives 10 mindful ergonomics tips for traveling Hustling from a long workday to catch the next train or flight to […]

Cardinus Connect: The Travel Issue

Issue 14 of Cardinus Connect is hot off the press! This time we focus on issues in travel, from ergonomics and mindfulness, through to safety standards and travel training. Download […]

What Makes a Great Ergonomics Program?

Hollie Smith, Cardinus Head of Managed Services, unpacks her experience in managing ergonomics programs and gives her top tips for success. In the 22 years, Cardinus has been involved with […]

Prevention is Better than the Cure

With musculoskeletal disorders becoming a common feature of working life, and with MSD prevalence increasing, Bill Pace (Cardinus) and Donna De Falco (The Health Enhancement Company) look at how [...]