The number of people killed on UK roads in one year has dropped below 2000 for the first time since records began.

The 2010 figures released by the Department for Transport show that 1,857 deaths resulted from collisions on UK roads. This is the lowest annual death toll since 1926, when the first statistics were published.

The road safety minister, Mike Penning, said, “Fewer people are dying on our roads… and the dedication of road safety professionals has played an important role in achieving this.”

Driver training company Cardinus Risk Management has seen significant improvements among its clients’ safety records. The company’s results indicate that all of those organisations whose drivers have undertaken driver training have seen noticeable and sometimes dramatic improvements in collision reduction for all types of incidents, not just those resulting in deaths and serious injury.

Marcus Noble, Managing Director – fleet at Cardinus Risk Management, said, “It is clear that well-trained drivers develop a much greater level of awareness of how to recognise the specific dangers and deal with them more effectively. The likelihood of deaths, injuries and costs is significantly reduced.

“While every death is a tragedy, equally every life saved is a success story. The clear message is that we can all work together to keep this trend improving for the benefits of society as a whole. In particular in times of austerity, how can any business afford not to work to reduce the risks and costs?”

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