Cardinus has partnered with Morgan Maxwell Ergonomic Consultants to develop Healthy Working Analytics.

Healthy Working Analytics is a new data driven employee productivity and engagement tool, which identifies what’s affecting your people and preventing them from delivering their best work.

Unlock employee productivity

Healthy Working Analytics blends well-being and productivity into a single solution. It uses a series of evidence-based well-being questions to engage your people and pinpoint their distractions.

Andy Hawkes, CEO, Cardinus Risk Management explains how Healthy Working Analytics will help you to identify the right interventions to improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

“The acceleration of the hybrid model is challenging HR, well-being, operational and financial leaders. Healthy Working Analytics will provide rapid data and statistics to fully understand how these changes are impacting productivity and well-being and suggest and support intervention programs to reduce distractions and ultimately improve employee productivity and well-being.”

Take a look at the Healthy Working platform

Watch the video below for an introduction to the Healthy Working platform.

The price of poor productivity

According to the Office for National Statistics, employee output per hour worked (October-December 2021) was 2.3% above pre-coronavirus pandemic levels, yet the hours worked for the same period was 2.4% below the 2019 average.

Further to this, presenteeism has tripled since 2010 with the Centre of Mental Health estimating that mental health presenteeism alone costs the UK economy £15.1 billion per annum.

People are trying to deliver more in less time, which increases the likelihood of employee burnout, increased attrition and low productivity. This data is a stark warning to employers who fail to regularly engage with their people and take action to address their workplace challenges.

Turn insights into actions

Healthy Working Analytics provides data driven, statistically robust reports, which will help your management teams to:

  • Identify employee well-being and productivity trends
  • Benchmark by department, working location and environment, age group, employment type and time within your company
  • Measure the effectiveness of interventions and payback time
  • Support inclusion and diversity
  • Empower managers to act on employee feedback
  • Find out what’s distracting employees from delivering their best work.

“The Healthy Working Analytics questions are based on the categories of wellbeing that are correlated with self-reported productivity. They’re designed to establish to what extent working environmental factors are distracting employees from concentrating & carrying out their best work. If employees are unable to concentrate this can cause the perception of their well-being to be out of balance leading, if unchecked, to ill health & deterioration in well-being and productivity.” Stephen Bowden, Chartered Ergonomist & Human Factors Specialist BSc (Hons) C.ErgHF MCIEHF, Morgan Maxwell.

Find out how Healthy Working Analytics can help you

For more information about Healthy Working Analytics, email [email protected] or join our webinar on 8 June for a live demonstration.

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